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Program Sponsorship

With a proven history of delivering successful programs, ATALM stands at the forefront of initiatives that address the unique needs of Indigenous communities. Your sponsorship not only supports these renowned programs but also contributes to the broader vision of bridging cultural gaps and building resilient Indigenous communities.  

Current program sponsorships range from $5,000 to $1,000,000 and up. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, benefits, and recognition, please contact president@atalm.org or complete this Sponsorship Inquiry Form. 

We hope you will join us in making a lasting impact on the preservation and celebration of Indigenous cultures! 


  • Logo placement on materials related to a specific program. 
  • Recognition on the ATALM website under the sponsored program. 
  • Verbal acknowledgment during program-specific events. 
  • Other benefits tailored to the program opportunity.


ARCHIVE OF RECORDED NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY: This online portal was founded with materials held in the Doris Duke Native American Oral History Collections. The portal provides an opportunity to connect collections, make them cross searchable, and engage Native communities in determining access. Major support for this project is provided by the Doris Duke Foundation. New sponsorships are sought to help fund: 

  • Oral History Projects in Native Communities: Support for projects capturing and preserving the oral histories and stories of Indigenous elders, ensuring the transmission of cultural knowledge to future generations. The program will offer training in oral history project management, equipment, and funding. Materials may be housed on the Archive of Native American Recorded History. 
  • Digital Storytelling Initiatives: Provide digital storytelling programs that combine traditional storytelling with modern technology. Participants can create digital stories, preserving oral traditions while enhancing literacy skills, creativity, and digital literacy. This builds on a previous ATALM project that worked with 20 community-based Research Fellows to produce digital stories relating to tribal history. Materials may be housed on the Archive of Native American Recorded History. 
  • Sustaining Support – Gifts of all sizes will help ATALM maintain the Archive of Native American Recorded History and help Indigenous communities continuously add content.  

COMMUNITY IMPACT AWARDS/GRANTS: The purpose of the Native Community Impact Awards Program is to recognize remarkable cultural projects and services that have significantly contributed to Native communities’ growth and well-being. A secondary goal is to inspire Native cultural organizations of all sizes to be active contributors to strengthening communities. We anticipate making 18 awards a year, each spotlighting initiatives demonstrating exemplary community engagement, innovation, and overall excellence, with a focus on projects that offer replicable models for other communities. Project winners receive financial support to attend and present on their project during the ATALM conference, a cash stipend, and a culturally appropriate award presented during a public ceremony. Initial funding for this project was provided by the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation. 

CULTURE BUILDS COMMUNITIES: Through the Culture Builds Communities: Planning and Constructing Native Cultural Facilities Program, ATALM provides resources and consultations to Native communities seeking to build or improve cultural centers. Major support for this project was provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Ongoing support is needed to expand the program to other native communities. ATALM will provide consultants, funding, and resources for: 

  • Archives, Library, or Museum Expansion Grants to support the expansion of existing tribal cultural facilities, including the acquisition of resources, technology upgrades, and the development of educational programs. A minimum of $100,000 per community is required for this program. 
  • Legacy Fund for New Cultural Heritage Facilities to support small tribal communities seeking to start an archive, library, cultural center, or museum. A minimum of $100,000 per community is required for this program. 
  • Sustaining Support – Gifts of all sizes will help ATALM maintain an updated library of resources and provide short-term planning consultations.  

GOING HOME FUND: RETURNING MATERIAL CULTURE TO DESCENDANT COMMUNITIES: The Going Home Fund facilitates the return of non-NAGPRA cultural heritage items. Your support will directly contribute to reuniting sacred items with their respective Indigenous communities, fostering cultural revitalization and respect. The Fund was established by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with a gift of $1.25 million and later expanded with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation.  Sponsors may select specific items to help facilitate the return.  

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF INDIGENOUS ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES, AND MUSEUMS: This annual Conference brings together more than 1,200 people to participate in more than 100 programs over three days. The conference attracts tribal leaders, funders, educators, and people dedicated to sustaining and advancing indigenous cultures. Major support for the conference is provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, and the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation. Sponsorships range from $500-$100,000. To learn more, visit the Conference Sponsorship page.  

LITERACY PROGRAMS:   By providing training, resources, and funding to tribal libraries, ATALM can contribute to the educational empowerment of Native communities while respecting and preserving their unique cultural identities. Customizing programs to suit the specific needs and preferences of each community ensures maximum impact and engagement. Programs under consideration include: 

  • Family Activities with Math and Science:  Provide learning kits with puzzles, books, games, and activity sheets that parents and caregivers can check out. ATALM has six curated FAMES kits including Bugs, Space, Dinosaurs, Shapes, Buffalos, and Water. 
  • Family Literacy: Organize family-oriented literacy events that encourage intergenerational learning. These events may include storytelling sessions, book readings, and interactive literacy games designed to involve the entire family in the learning process. Some programs can support the Family Activities with Math and Science kits. 
  • Adult Literacy: Develop programs specifically aimed at enhancing literacy skills among adults in the community. These programs can offer one-on-one tutoring, literacy workshops, and resources tailored to adult learners. 
  • Children’s Literacy: First Book, along with other children’s literacy programs, can play a transformative role in Native communities by fostering a love for reading and promoting educational opportunities. These programs can collaborate with tribal schools, libraries, and community centers to provide culturally relevant books, resources, and literacy initiatives tailored to the unique needs of Native children. By offering a diverse selection of books that reflect Indigenous cultures, languages, and stories, these programs contribute to cultural preservation and identity-building. Additionally, partnering with local educators, storytellers, and community leaders ensures that the literacy initiatives align with the specific cultural nuances and preferences of each community. Through book donations, literacy events, and educational resources, First Book and similar programs can empower Native children to develop strong literacy skills, inspiring a lifelong passion for learning while honoring and preserving their cultural heritage. 
  • Digital Literacy and Technology Training: Offer workshops on digital literacy, providing community members with essential skills for navigating the digital landscape. This program can include training on using digital resources for research, education, and cultural preservation. This builds on an ATALM project that established model technology labs in seven Native communities. 

NATIVE ARTISTS AND CULTURE BEARERS:  By supporting Native artists and culture bearers through ATALM, sponsors actively participate in initiatives that go beyond financial assistance, creating a meaningful and lasting impact on Indigenous communities while contributing to a more inclusive and culturally rich society. 

  • Arts & Culture Councils: Your support will empower the development of Arts & Culture Councils in Native communities.  In turn, the councils will promote artists, promote cultural preservation through art, and advocate for the continued recognition and appreciation of Native American artistic traditions. This program was initially funded by the Ford Foundation with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Sponsorship will help fund resources and consultations for Native communities seeking to start an Arts & Culture Council. 
  • Business Development for Emerging Professional ArtistsATALM helps with business plan development, market development, and other areas intended to take artists to the next level of professionalism.  With support from the Windgate Foundation, ATALM also provides $10,000 to each participating artist to help implement his or her marketing plan.  
  • Master Artist/Apprentice Traditional Arts and Crafts Revival Project: This emerging initiative funds community-based programs that support and revive traditional arts and crafts, providing the organization with training, resources, and funding to engage master artists to teach community members traditional skills that contribute to cultural continuity. This project is in partnership with the National Folklife Network.  


  • Native Emerging Professionals Network: Invest in the future of Indigenous leadership by sponsoring the Native Emerging Professionals Network. Your support will empower young professionals, facilitating their growth and contributions to the preservation and advancement of Indigenous cultures.  
  • Professional Development Training and Resources: ATALM empowers self-directed learners by providing free access to a wide array of resources targeted to the needs of cultural institution staff.  Your support will help provide a centralized hub offering diverse educational materials that also support our Professional Development Certificate Program. 
  • Mentorship Program: Now in its seventh year, ATALM’s Mentorship program connects experienced professionals with emerging professionals. Mentors help guide people new to the field and provide valuable insights, advice, and support. 
  • Future Cultural Leaders: This is an emerging initiative. Sponsorship is needed to establish a youth leadership development program, providing mentorship, skill-building, and cultural awareness training for young individuals within indigenous communities.  

REGRANTS TO NATIVE CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS: ATALM recently wrapped up a regranting project in partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities. In all, more than $3.71 million dollars was awarded to 118 Native communities through the ATALM-NEH SHARP program.  ATALM has proven itself to be a good steward of funds and a good partner with Native communities. Building on the ATALM/NEH model, we would like to offer regrant programs in the following areas: 

  • Community Resilience and Emergency Preparedness: Working with partners at the federal and state level, ATALM will offer programs and resources that enhance community resilience and preparedness for emergencies, including natural disasters and health crises. This program builds on an earlier partnership with the Council of State Archivists and FEMA on Intergovernmental Preparedness for Essential Records as well as the Communities for Immunity COVID-19 awareness programs with the U.S. Department of Health and others. 
  • Economic Empowerment Program:  Tribal Libraries can be centers for economic development. ATALM has developed a plan to create robust centers that are equipped to empower indigenous entrepreneurs, providing resources, mentorship, and training to promote economic self-sufficiency.  
  • Documentation Projects for Native Cultural Institutions: Provide training, resources, and funding to enable Native cultural institutions to identify and retrieve digital copies of documents, photos, and recordings held by outside organizations.  

TRIBAL LIBRARY COUNCIL: Tribal libraries are the most underfunded in the nation and do not have the resources to adequately serve their communities. ATALM has established Tribal Library Council to address the needs of tribal libraries, including funding, training, and resources. Your partnership will enhance the accessibility of information, literature, and educational materials within Native communities through programs and services designed and provided by the Tribal Library Council. 

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