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Native Arts & Culture Council Resources

This website features resources and tools to help Native communities develop Arts & Culture Councils. Resources were curated and developed for the Native Arts & Culture Councils Pilot Project, funded by the Ford Foundation and administered by the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums. If you have resources to contribute, please reach out to projects@atalm.org.

NACC Project Toolkit

This online toolkit outlines the basic steps of establishing a Native Arts & Culture Agency and provides access to NACC training sessions, project materials, templates, insights from the seven Cohort Communities, and a directory of online resources. The toolkit is designed to guide you through the process of establishing a strong and vibrant arts council in your Native community. Each chapter outlines key steps and resources to navigate, empower, and celebrate the unique artistic landscape within your Tribal Nation. 

NACC Resource Library

  • Getting Started: First Steps Towards Establishing a Native Arts & Culture Council
  • Recruiting Committed Community Members
  • Gaining Support from Tribal Leadership
  • Determining Organizational Structure
  • Starting an Artist Directory and Cultural Asset Inventory
  • Conducting a Community Needs Assessment
  • Developing an Arts & Culture Strategic Plan
  • Securing Funding and Resources
  • Planning for Sustainability
  • Building Community Partnerships
  • Implementing Effective Programs and Services
  • Developing Marketing Materials and an Online Presence
  • Evaluating Progress Towards Goals

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