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Content Creators/Curators

TRAILS Manual and Digital Inclusion Toolkit

The Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ATALM)  is seeking volunteers to help revise the “Tribal Resources for American Indian Library Services  Procedures Manual (TRAILS) and develop a supplement on Digital Inclusion Services.  Assistance is needed in the following areas: 

  • Content Development (updating existing chapters or developing new ones)
  • Identifying resources for chapters (each chapter will have robust resources)
  • Developing webinars and/or in-person training on chapter topics (each chapter will be accompanied by an online webinar and/or sessions at the annual ATALM Conference)

Curator of Online Training & Resources for Indigenous Cultural Institutions

ATALM is seeking volunteer curators to help gather relevant online resources useful to staff of tribal archives, libraries, museums, historic preservation offices, language programs, and other cultural departments. Three types of information are sought:

  • Online Training Resources, including website address and brief description.
  • Sample documents such as policies, procedures, position descriptions, forms, and other documents.
  • Bibliographies of printed materials such as books, journals, and publications.

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