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Community Impact Awards

In an effort to foster greater appreciation and support for Native cultural institutions, ATALM is inviting submissions for outstanding projects and services that have made a profound impact on Native communities. The deadline to submit is February 15.

The Community Impact Awards program acknowledges and celebrates initiatives that exemplify community engagement, innovation, and overall excellence. Initiatives that are replicable in other communities receive priority consideration.

Award recipients are expected to:

  • Work with ATALM to develop a Case Study on the initiative. Case Studies will be available on ATALM’s website for use by other communities seeking to produce similar projects.
  • Present a 10 or 15-minute session at the 2024 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums in Palm Springs, California from November 12-14.

Award recipients receive:

  • Full conference registration, including pre-conference and evening events.
  • Four nights of single lodging at the conference hotel, the Palm Springs Renaissance Resort.
  • Travel stipend of up to $500.
  • National recognition as a winner of a Native Community Impact Award.
  • Up to 18 awards will be made. Multiple projects may be submitted by the same institution.

Nominations from a diverse array of Native cultural institutions are sought, including initiatives relating to:

  • Archives
  • Arts Councils
  • Libraries
  • Museums and Cultural Centers
  • Preservation Offices
  • Language Programs

Eligible organizations include:

  • Tribally affiliated cultural organizations/programs
  • Tribal non-profits
  • Non-tribal cultural organizations working with Native communities (must have a letter of endorsement from the Native community)
  • International Indigenous cultural institutions

Types of projects include, but are not limited to successful:

  • Advocacy (Encouraging government support for cultural institutions/activities)
  • Fund Raising (Special Events, Campaigns, etc.)
  • Volunteers (Friends, Membership, or other types of programs that predominately utilize volunteers)
  • Community Engagement (Programs and services that are not fundraising-related. i.e., exhibits, lectures, etc.)
  • Technology (Digitization, social media, website development, etc.)
  • Education (Programs and services targeted to schools and students)

Important dates to remember are:

  • March – The Native Community Impact Awards Committee reviews and scores applications.
  • April 1 – Awards announced
  • November 12-14 – International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums (Travel days are November 11 and 15)

All submissions will be reviewed and scored by a committee of subject matter experts. Committee members also help produce the Case Studies and serve as moderators for conference sessions focusing on the award-winning projects. To volunteer to serve on the Community Impact Awards Committee, apply here.

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