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Develop the capacity to secure funding and ensure that the campaign meets the community’s needs and desires.


  • Getting Ready: Preparing to Secure Funding Resources
    This webinar focuses on capacity-building activities that help ensure the success of capital campaigns, including creating a timeline for coordinating fundraising activities with architects, engineers, tribal planners, and other professionals. Information will be provided on identifying a portal for receiving contributions, including the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a tribal, tax-exempt foundation or a federally recognized 501(c)3 corporation. Organizing a financial development team will be reviewed, as well as how to engage other tribal departments. Policies and procedures will be covered, including donor recognition, and developing naming opportunities.



  • Phases of a Capital Campaign Plan


  • John Hair Cultural Center & Museum Phase One Budget Justification
  • Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Campaign Plan
  • San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Foundation Campaign Plan
  • Suquamish Foundation Gift Policy and Procedures

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