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Preferred Vendors: Supplies

Archival Products
For nearly 35 years, leading universities, libraries, museums and archives have protected their valuable collections with enclosures from Archival Products.
Products include items to house books, manuscripts, pamphlets, music, documents, etc. You'll be impressed with our quality. We are 100% employee-owned, which means all our employee-owners are invested in producing quality products, providing outstanding service, and maintaining satisfied customers.

Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc.
Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc., since 1957, has specialized in creating museum-quality realistic life size, lifelike figures for museums, visitor centers, exhibit companies, collectors, and private clients. We have over 800 sculpted heads to choose from, or we can sculpt a new one to meet your specifics.

Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc. is now also your source of Conservation Forms for display and storage of artifact clothing/textiles. We have been creating three-dimensional ETHAFOAMâ„¢ forms since 1996. Our product line ranges from basic carve-your-own hangers to hat, and head mounts, dress and suit forms, and to our full line of Economy and Custom Ethafoam Men and Women.

To learn more about Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc., and discuss how we may assist you with your next exhibit, please contact: Joe Bezold, Sales Manager 1-800-634-4873, 410-284-3248.

Gaylord Archival
Visit Gaylord Archival to see the innovative Frank Showcase System! Let us help you bring your exhibit to life with our unparalleled selection of cases, as well as everything you need to prepare, install, display and protect your collections. We carry a comprehensive

Hollinger Metal Edge
Manufacturers of archival storage materials, Hollinger Metal Edge is the oldest and largest supplier in the industry. Famous for the Hollinger Box, we also specialize in products for artifact storage, photo storage, document storage and textile storage. We have the archival products to meet your needs. Ask us about making special sizes for your specific requirements.