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Professional Development Certificates

ATALM is offering Professional Development Certificates for participants attending pre-specified training offered at the 2018 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums. Any one enrolling in the program by October 8 may participate.

Participants enrolled in the programs have six months to:

  • Attend the ATALM conference and participate fully in pre-determined workshops and sessions
  • Participate in a minimum of six self-selected webinars
  • Complete a take home activity within six months (optional)

Eligible candidates include:

  • Staff members of tribal archives, libraries, museums, and historic preservation offices programs
  • Staff members of non-tribal cultural institutions who are tribally enrolled, or working directly with Native collections
  • Students enrolled in college-level library, museum, or archival programs with access to a tribal archive, library, or museum

To learn more about each certificate program, click on the link below. Note that since these files were published, the program has been streamlined to permit fuller participation. Participants now have six months to complete the program and the special project is optional. Advance preparatory activities are not required.