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Organizational Values of ATALM

  • ATALM is committed to listening to its members, their needs, ideas and visions and to translating these into valued programs and services, maintaining dependable accountability to all members.
  • ATALM values the importance of Sovereignty for all Native Nations.
  • ATALM respects the cultural integrity and practices of each individual Native Nation.
  • ATALM embraces the cultural differences, beliefs, customs, languages and practices of all its members.
  • ATALM regards the preservation of historical documents, records, photographs, language materials and recordings, art, artifacts, and cultural items as paramount to the cultural and political survival of tribal peoples in the 21st century and beyond.
  • ATALM recognizes and values the importance of the professional roles and responsibilities of tribal librarians, archivists and museum specialists as guardians of memory, language, and lifeways.
  • ATALM is dedicated to the professional advancement of its members, their understanding and utilization of professional standards and best practices in their respective positions.
  • ATALM strives to be a gathering place for tribal archivists, librarians and museum specialists to share resources, expand networks, build skills, and advance friendships.
  • ATALM recognizes the importance of providing a platform for the voices of its members, conducting advocacy services related to policy and regulatory matters at the State and Federal levels.
  • ATALM believes in cost-saving measures for its members and secures discounts for products and services.
  • ATALM believes its membership and related services should be available for all individuals, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • ATALM values the importance of the strategic and effective utilization of technology for advancing Native cultures.